The Beauty Benefit Of Regular Facials

If you’re considering a monthly facial treatment to reap beauty benefits, check out this guide from Youthology Medical.

What Are Facials?

Facials can help cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish your skin, providing you with a well-hydrated complex and can help you look younger. As a popular treatment, facials work best when they are used in a continuous skin treatment program. Our aestheticians at Youthology can help address questions about your skin concerns, your diet, hydration levels, and medications you take that can affect your skin and recommend a variety of treatments based on your skin type and concerns.

Getting a facial is a great way to maintain healthy skin. During a facial, your skin is exfoliated and cleansed to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and other impurities. Not only does this improve your skin’s appearance, but it can also be a very calming and relaxing experience. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to get a facial monthly to supplement your daily skincare routine.

What Are The Benefits Of Monthly Facials?

  • According to a study published in the journal Biomedical Researcha facial massage can stimulate your sympathetic nervous systemreducing your anxiety and improving your mood. There are hundreds of pressure points on your face that are associated with different parts of the body, and when these points are massaged, it helps to keep your skin looking healthy and functioning properly, like a workout for your face! However, since it can be difficult to know all of the pressure points, it is recommended to go to a professional for a facial massage.
  • Getting a facial is an excellent way to deep-cleanse your skin in a way that can’t be done from home. Think of it like going to the doctor – even though you might have lots of medicine at home, you still need to go to the doctor each year. Your facialist should be familiar with your skin type and they know what needs to be done to keep your skin healthy. They can use steam to open up your pores and other techniques to give your skin a thorough cleanse.
  • Taking care of your face is important since you only have one. Facials and massages can help improve your skin’s cell regeneration and collagen production, which can play a major part in slowing down the aging process. Studies have found that massages help increase blood circulation throughout the body, including the face. This increased circulation supplies the cells with oxygen and nutrients, keeping them healthy and providing a glowing complexion. As people age, the skin can become dull due to lifestyle and environmental factors. Facials can help bring back your skin’s vitality. During a facial, a specialist will use different techniques, products, and technology to improve the skin’s texture.
  • It’s impossible to completely avoid being exposed to environmental pollutants and toxins. On a daily basis, your skin is exposed to UV rays and other hazardous materials, leading to a build-up of debris on its surface which can block your pores. A professional facial can help to clear out these dead cells by using steam to open the pores and clean out any blackheads and whiteheads. Trying to do this yourself can cause damage to your skin so it’s recommended to seek professional help. Facials can help reduce breakouts, blemishes, and acne scarring by using products containing salicylic acid which has been proven to be effective in treating acne. Rather than squeezing or popping a pimple, it’s best to talk to a professional to reduce the risk of scarring.

What Facial Treatments Are Offered At Youthology Medical?

  • Dermaplane Facial
  • Acne Treatment Facial
  • Sensitive Skin Facial
  • Himalayan Antioxidant Facial
  • Gentleman’s Facial
  • Enzymatic Facial
  • Red Carpet Facial
  • ZO 3-Step Facial
  • Radiant Facial
  • Liquid Gold Facial
  • Back Facial Treatment

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