kybella: The Double Chin Solution

If you’re curious about a noninvasive procedure that can address fat under the chin, read on to learn more about Kybella: The Double Chin Solution.

What Is Injection Lipolysis?

Injection lipolysis is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive procedure that chemically reduces the number of fat cells in the targeted area. This process utilizes the chemical deoxycholic acid, a molecule found within the gastrointestinal tract that metabolizes fat. When part of the cosmetic procedure, a deoxycholic acid injection results in fat cell disruption and death. This substance is injected as a liquid subcutaneously under the skin. Currently, injection lipolysis is FDA-approved to address fat under the chin area or a “double chin.” After two to four treatments, a patient can expect targeted fat molecules to be destroyed, resulting in a slim, contoured, younger-looking, neck.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is the most popular brand-name synthetic deoxycholic acid used in injection lipolysis to address unwanted fat in the double chin. As a simple injection procedure, the cost and risk of complications are significantly lower than with surgical procedures, such as facial liposuction. As Kybella is a synthetic version of a substance found naturally in the human body, the risk of adverse reactions is especially low.

Fat reduction from Kybella treatments is typically visible by eight weeks. To achieve desired results, most patients have at least two Kybella injections spaced four to six weeks apart to accommodate for a duration of swelling. While the area can look fuller than before during this period of swelling, you can expect the inflammation to go down and reveal results within six to eight weeks. Candidates can have up to six Kybella treatments in the chin area. It is best to speak with your aesthetic provider about your goals in order to determine the best treatment plan for your needs.

Kybella Can Be Right For You If:

  • You feel like you would be happier and more confident if you could get rid of the fat under your chin and have a more contoured profile
  • You feel like the fat under your chin area makes you look heavier or older than you really are
  • You do not want to have invasive surgery or endure an extensive recovery period
  • You can’t get rid of the fat under your chin even after exercising, dieting, and losing weight 
  • You want to invest in natural-looking, long-lasting results

Am I A Candidate For Kybella?

Kybella can be a good option for adult patients (over 18 years of age) who have moderate to severe fat in the treatment area. The procedure is not recommended for candidates who have had facial surgery in the past or are planning to have facial surgery in the future. If you have difficulty swallowing, are pregnant or nursing, have a medical condition near the planned injection area, or are taking blood thinners, Kybella may not be right for you.

A good candidate for Kybella should also be educated on the time and commitment required to achieve the desired results from treatment. It is important to discuss both your aesthetic goals, your medical history, and possible side effects of treatment with your healthcare provider. After receiving Kybella treatments, your provider may ask you to refrain from ingesting salt or drinking alcohol. You should feel free to ask your aesthetic provider any questions before or after the procedure, and you should follow their aftercare instructions as well.

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